PLAN-T is a concept using music to wake up others to their true potential to build a better world for our future.

Good time music — positively influenced. PLAN-T uses a variety of styles: folk, country, blues, rock&roll with some inspirational and gospel. Variety to entertain and enlighten, songs of current issues to educate, contemporary songs to empower and encourage people to use their gifts and abilities to come together as the great family of races we are.

We all live in an exciting time of technological advances, enabling artists of every type to produce what was only dreamed of in days gone by. My intention is to create magic with musical messages. To cause people to dance with joy and be high on music and life instead of chemicals and alcohol. Life is about learning how to express that which words do not, music is universal and requires no knowing of language only the ability to hear and feel....I hope you like my songs and know that the best is yet to come.....Thank you for your support.

I have been playing guitar and writing music since '69-70 for both solo and band venues. Blues, rock, folk, any style is music to me. I have collectively written over 100 original songs, play many standards and classics, and also am adept with both 6 string & 12 string guitars, bass, percussion & simple keyboard; I will try any instrument and most vocals. My style consists of a variety of rock, folk, and blues with surprising acoustic overtones. To date, I have received 15 awards through the National Veterans Arts Competition from 2010-2015, and have contract offers from Diamond Garden Music in Nashville with 2 songs produced there. I have also recorded 42 songs on 3 CDs at Silvertone Studios in Saratoga Springs NY. I am playing open mics at Caffé Lena and Gaffney's weekly, as well as Eden Cafe. I have CDs, T-shirts and bumper stickers available upon request and am so very grateful to all my fans and supporters. You can check me out online on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.